Maggie T-shirt in Bangladesh

In this modern era of fashion, various types of clothing are introducing day by day. With new demands clothing structures are also changing its shape, size & color frequently. So, Maggie t-shirt in Bangladesh is a trendy fashion wave blowing here. Both men & women are following this sub-culture in order to keep pace with recent fashion culture.

Actually, Maggie t-shirts are mostly suitable for summer season. While the sun is burning, to keep away sweat & sufferings they are ideal dress code to wear. Though some young party freak wear them in pool party, pub or disco. Another way they are using as a beach wear too with shorts & glasses. However, these are also using as sportswear, gym wear, garage wear, practice wear etc.

Grey Color Round Neck Sleeveless Maggie t-shirt for Men

Grey Color Round Neck Sleeveless Maggie t-shirt for Men

Fabric type:

Shirt textures are normally 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and manufactured strands or 100% Polyester or a blend of engineered fiber, cotton and rayon; For more slender less expensive shirts a pullover material is utilized, for thicker shirts a sweatshirt shirt is utilized; for more drapey and exorbitant shirts an interlock texture is utilized; Cotton spandex is additionally utilized for stretchy shirts.

A 100 % cotton texture is an unquestionable requirement have texture design for a T-shirt worn in hot atmospheres. In any case, on the off chance that you will be in an A/C room, regardless of whether you live in a tropical atmosphere it doesn’t make a difference if your shirt has Polyester filaments or other engineered strands blended to the cotton filaments. Furthermore, you may even invite the manufactured strands due to the extra advantages they give – like colorfastness, less shrinkage after wash, strength, wrinkle obstruction and simple upkeep.

A mix of cotton and polyester filaments make shirt texture simpler to think about and tough than cotton ones. A mix of rayon-polyester-cotton makes the shirt texture the gentlest and entirely agreeable to wear.

100% polyester texture shirts may not be entirely agreeable to wear for everyday wear, except they are extraordinary for sports exercises as they are lightweight, stretchy ( possibly with lycra) and wicks away the perspiration from the body and takes it to the surface where it dissipates. This doesn’t occur with cotton. Cotton, even as it assimilates sweat, remains wet for more. Polyester shirts dry rapidly. Furthermore, when you are working it out on the field you don’t need anything to do with that wet inclination on your body.

Olive Color Sleeveless Maggie t-shirt For Men

Olive Color Sleeveless Maggie t-shirt For Men

Size and Fit:

Basically, Size and fit are critical to some more than the others. In the event that you have a place with the last class, simply select one in a similar size as the one that you wear the entire year around.

Else you can go to the shop and attempt them individually. However, this turns into an issue when you are purchasing on the web. The size will change between brands. The best thing is to take an estimating tape and measure your shoulder width and chest size and afterward twofold check the estimating outline given for each brand.

Something else to note is that cotton contracts so a shirt with a greater amount of cotton filaments will require a bigger size to represent future shrinkage.

When estimating the chest, measure around the fullest piece of the chest under armpits keeping the tape level over the back.

General T-shirt sizes for men.

Chest 76/79 cms ( 30 – 31 inch) – XS

Chest 80/88 cms ( 32 – 34 inch) – S ( same as a 36″ shirt)

Chest 89/97 cms ( 35-38 inch) – M ( same as a 38″ shirt)

Chest 98/106 cms ( 39-42 inch) – L ( same as a 40″ shirt)

Chest 107/115 cms ( 42-45 inch) – XL ( same as a 42″ shirt)

Chest 116/124 cms ( 46-49 inch) – XXL ( same as a 44″ shirt)

Chest 125/133 cms ( 49 – 52inch) – XXXL ( same as a 46″ shirt)

Ladies’ T-shirt sizes

Chest 30 – 32 inch – XS

Chest 34 – 36 inch – S

Chest 38 – 40 inch – M

Chest 42 – 44 inch – L

Chest 46 – 48 inch – XL

Chest 50 – 52 inch – XXL

Chest 54 – 56 inch – XXXL

Solid White Color Sleeveless Maggie t-Shirt for Men

Solid White Color Sleeveless Maggie t-Shirt for Men

Prime Things to Check Out When You Are Buying:

There are several things which you need to confirm before buying a Maggie t-shirt. Here are the discussion below:

Shoulder creases:

The creases where the sleeves append to the body ought to in a perfect world precisely line up with where your shoulder closes instead of lower on your arm or towards your neck.


A tee’s sleeves should hit most of the way up your upper arm. Sleeves that expand somewhat farther down can look relative in case you’re extremely tall.


The base stitch of tee should hit no higher than your hips, in any event spread your belt, and preferably expand a couple of creeps beneath it. Any shorter and you’re going into midsection domain, and risk demonstrating your back/butt break/stomach when you twist around. Longer than that and the shirt begins drifting into a robe.


Stay away from square shaped tees that wear like a sandwich board with sleeves. You need the tee to be cut so it follows the state of your body a bit.

A well-fitting tee that hits every one of these measurements can be elusive however merits searching for. And keeping in mind that it might mean BDT. 1500/-  rather than that BDT. 250/- touristy tee, you’ll notice the distinction and won’t return.

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