Formal Shirt in Bangladesh

Generally, formal shirts are also popular as a dress shirt, button shirt, button-front, button-front shirt, or button-up shirt. By the way this is a  garment with a collar and a full-length opening at the front. Also which is fastened using buttons or shirt studs. However,  a button-down or button-down shirt is a dress shirt which has a button-down collar.  Also a collar having the ends fastened to the shirt with buttons. Actually, Formal Shirt in Bangladesh serves a prominent query to all the people who are engaging with formal environment.

A dress shirt is normally made from woven cloth. And this is often accompanied by a tie, jacket, suit, or formal wear. But a dress shirt may also wear more casually.

Popular Materials of Formal Shirt in Bangladesh:

Cotton: They inhale well and can be delicate, so you’ll be agreeable while you’re wearing it.  Additionally they hold color well, so brilliant hues will look extraordinary for quite a while.

Cotton blends: When another fiber is woven in with the cotton, you get the advantages of the two strands. For instance, a cotton-Lycra mix will include stretch, and a cotton-polyester won’t wrinkle so a lot.

Linen:  Linen dress shirts inhale well, making them ideal for summer wear. Moreover, this material wrinkles effectively. So, you’ll have to invest more energy pressing or have these shirt expertly washed.

Broadcloth: A tightly-woven fabric with a silky texture, broadcloth cotton has a lustrous finish.

Poplin: They are 100 percent cotton. Also  poplin is woven with a horizontal rib effect and can be a bit more expensive.

Oxford: A few types of Oxford weaves are available, but in general, an Oxford is woven from a heavier yarn, giving it a more rugged texture.


The diagonal weave of twills makes it perfect for a solid-color dress shirt.

Slim Fit White Color Formal Shirt

Slim Fit White Color Formal Shirt

Buying  Guide of Formal Shirt in Bangladesh:

Prior to searching for a formal shirt, you’ll have to know your size. Dress shirt sizes have two numbers: The first is your neck size, and the second is your sleeve length. Sick fitting shirts will be awkward, so measure yourself to get a careful fit.

Fitting of the Shirt:

There are three types of popular fittings are available here in Bangladesh. We are going to discuss them below:

Athletic/Slim:  Also called thin or custom-made, this is the tightest accommodating men’s dress shirt.

Normal:  This standard dress shirt fit is somewhat looser than the athletic fit. In the event that a men’s dress shirt doesn’t have a fit recorded, you can accept it is normal fit.

Full:  The loosest of all dress shirt fits, this is proper for men with a bigger height. Full-accommodating men’s dress shirts are additionally normally somewhat more.

Choosing The Collars:

The neckline on a shirt will decide how formal the shirt feels and the amount it compliments your face.

Straight-point: The V-formed purposes of a straight-point neckline are the most well-known style and are complimenting for most faces.

Traditional: Less formal than different dress shirt collars, the conservative neckline is commonly made of a gentler texture and squeezed with less starch.

Spread: With a greater hole between the tips, a spread neckline has a wide range of tips to compliment everything except the roundest countenances.

Tab: With a higher neckline and a littler spread, this is generally complimenting on men with long necks.

Club: Also known as an adjusted neckline, the club neckline is short, has adjusted tips, and looks entirely stylish.

Stuck: With a high neckline much like the tab neckline, a stuck neckline has a straight pin which secures the two focuses.

Dark Blue Color Regular Fit Formal Shirt for Men

Dark Blue Color Regular Fit Formal Shirt for Men


Barrel sleeves are otherwise called a catch sleeve since they close with in any event one catch, and conceivably more than one. On the off chance that there are different catches, these can be utilized to change the fit.

A French sleeve or twofold sleeve has texture that is long and overlap back. These are shut with a sleeve fastener or silk tie. French sleeves are considered by numerous individuals to be more formal than a barrel sleeve.

A convertible sleeve can be shut with catches or sleeve fasteners.


Focus on where pockets are put. Men’s shirts with two chest pockets are viewed as less formal. Dress shirts with conservative collars are bound to have a chest pocket, and shirts worn with a vest or with suspenders ought not have pockets, so your chest doesn’t seem cumbersome.

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